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Worship: Who We Are

The Worship Ministry of 2bc is made up of adults, students and children of all ages and backgrounds. We are brought together by a common purpose - to lift up Jesus Christ, to lead God's people in authentic worship and to communicate salvation to the lost and encouragement to believers. The 2bc worship ministry is committed to train individuals to utilize their spiritual and musical gifts to bring glory to God.

As an artistic ministry, we believe in the pursuit of excellence to the glory of God. We are constantly reminded that the world will, in large part, judge our message based on the care we take in presenting it. Therefore, in representing the Lord Jesus Christ, it is our constant goal that whatever artistic or technical craft we may employ, we engage in it “as unto the Lord,” giving the very best of all we have for His glory and the advancement of His name. As David said in 2 Samuel 24:24, “I won't offer to the LORD my God burnt offerings that cost me nothing,” so we strive to offer the Lord an authentic and excellent sacrifice, one which His majesty and character demands.

What We Do

Worship is not about us or our preferences, but about giving God the praise He deserves. Therefore, because we are committed to a balanced ministry, we strive to maintain a balance in our worship style. We sing great hymns of the faith as well as contemporary songs that focus our hearts and minds towards God. It is our desire that all who worship with us will find our music encouraging, uplifting, and filled with praises as we corporately bless His name together.

The Worship Ministry at 2BC uses the following ministries to develop worship leaders for the work of ministry:

Worship Choir consists of worshipers who lead in worship weekly during our Sunday morning services. They are the centerpiece of the worship experience at 2BC, leading out in all worship services, events, and special productions. The Worship Choir rehearses every Wednesday evening from 6:00 – 7:30 PM, starting in the Worship Annex, behind the Worship Center.

Praise Band is comprised of a growing group of volunteer instrumentalists who rehearse weekly and accompany Sunday worship experiences, events and special productions. The Praise band rehearses every Wednesday from 7:00 – 8:30 PM in the Worship Center. Anyone interested in experiencing any of these ministries first-hand are invited to join us for a weekly rehearsal. No commitment – no pressure – just come and spend an evening worshiping with us.

Praise Teams are made up of committed ensembles of worship leaders that assist our worship pastor in leading worship during Sunday worship services. These are auditioned groups of singers who must uphold the highest standards of spiritual leadership and ministry commitment. Praise teams rehearse with our choir and band on Wednesdays, and have additional rehearsals as needed.

Orchestra rehearses seasonally for worship services, events and special productions. It consists of auditioned high school aged or older brass, woodwinds, strings and percussion players. Come (re)build your chops with us! For more information, contact Ainslee Hoffpauir in the worship ministry office: (501)327-6565.

Worship Quest/Children’s Choir meets on Wednesday evenings as one third of “The Quest”, in conjunction with our 2bkids ministry. Kids in Kindergarten thru fifth grade will experience three group segments:

1. Bible Quest. We will walk them through a three year, chronological study of the BIble. The Gospel Project is a new Christ-centered Bible study resource that looks at the whole story—the story of redemption through Jesus—from Genesis to Revelation. Kids will experience the gospel and find out what it means to be a part of God’s gospel project.

2. Worship Quest. Children will learn what it means to engage in worship with the community of faith. They will also be given chances to lead in worship as a choir. Worship Quest will introduce children to various elements of musical theory including rhythm, pitch and harmony.

3. Adventure Quest. This includes games, group activities, snack time, and a review of the evening

I Have More Questions

We're all ears! You can call 501.327.6565 for questions regarding the worship ministry at 2bc or use the link to the right to email the staff.

Ministry Contacts

Rich Nelson
Worship Pastor