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Understanding the Meaning of True Freedom

Truth 1: You must recognize the conundrum of freedom. Paul- prisoner under law Onesimus- former slave, free from owner Philemon- slave master, obliged to forgive

Dictionary Definition of Freedom: “the power to act or speak without externally imposed restraint”

Conundrum of Freedom
1. Acting without restraint means bound by sin

2. True freedom = bound to Jesus so free from slavery of sin

Declaration of Independence Definition: “inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”

Truth 2: True Freedom is being chained to Jesus

Truth 3: Being chained to Jesus is being chained to the transformation process “Every good thing which is in you for Christ’s sake”

Truth 4: Being chained to Jesus is being chained to each other “No longer a slave, but more than a slave, a beloved brother”