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Covenant was God’s promise. Atonement was God’s action

Atonement is the central message of the Bible

Atonement is necessary because of sin

Atonement is accomplished through the substitutionary death of Jesus. (He took our place)

Hebrews 9
11 But the Messiah has appeared, high priest of the good things that have come. In the greater and more perfect tabernacle not made with hands (that is, not of this creation ), 12 He entered the most holy place once for all, not by the blood of goats and calves, but by His own blood, having obtained eternal redemption. 13 For if the blood of goats and bulls and the ashes of a young cow, sprinkling those who are defiled, sanctify for the purification of the flesh, 14 how much more will the blood of the Messiah, who through the eternal Spirit offered Himself without blemish to God, cleanse our consciences from dead works to serve the living God?

Atonement means to cover or to cleanse

Leviticus 16
6 Aaron will present the bull for his sin offering and make atonement for himself and his household. 7 Next he will take the two goats and place them before the LORD at the entrance to the tent of meeting. 8 After Aaron casts lots for the two goats, one lot for the LORD and the other for azazel, h 9 he is to present the goat chosen by lot for the LORD and sacrifice it as a sin offering. 10 But the goat chosen by lot for azazel is to be presented alive before the LORD to make purification with it by sending it into the wilderness for azazel.


4 symbolisms from Day of Atonement
First goat – represents Jesus being the one sacrificed for the sins of all
Second goat – represents our being given life and forgiveness of sins.
Bull – represents that no one is exempt from the need of forgiveness
Burning of sacrifice – represents God’s power to utterly destroy sin

Romans 5
8 But God proves His own love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us! 9 Much more then, since we have now been declared righteous by His blood, we will be saved through Him from wrath.