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9:30 am
11:00 am
6:00 pm (returns Aug 12)

So Close Yet So Far


What is Truth? John 18: 33-38 You can’t understand truth apart from God GOD or YOU Who is on the throne? Keep the Peace Ignored the Problem John 18:31 Passed on the Responsibility Luke 23:13-15 Tried to Use his Intellect John 18:38-40 Ignored Advice Matthew 27:19 Tried to Manipulate the People John 19:1-4 Crumble Under…


Fear does not mean you don’t love JESUS Fear does not mean you don’t love PEOPLE John 13:36-38  Peter’s fear… REJECTION…He DESIRED human APPROVAL DEATH…He VALUED his own LIFE ISOLATION…He was FOCUSED on the TEMPORARY John 18:15-18; 25-27 Acts 2:36  A resurrected Jesus gave him CONFIDENCE Other believers gave him ENCOURAGEMENT Obedience gave him FOCUS…


Greed is the UNHEALTHY pursuit of MORE Judas was CHOSEN John 6:64 John 6:70-71 Judas was an EYEWITNESS to the ministry and MIRACLES of Jesus John 12:1-6 Judas was given a LEADERSHIP RESPONSIBILITY Judas RATIONALIZED his SIN John 13:21-29 Judas was good at PLAYING the GAME Judas chose MONEY over Jesus John 18:2-5 Judas was…