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Parables should always be READ with TWO QUESTIONS in mind… Where am I in the STORY? Where is GOD in the STORY? Parables are meant to have ONE POINT Winning is not about how much you have but about what you do with what you have Matthew 25:14-37 HCSB What are you DOING with what…

Risk It All

1 Corinthians 9:19-22 1. Risk it All (19-22) a. Slave- do without to be the most effective witness as possible b. Jews/ Under the Law- Give up my preferences, traditions. c. Not under the Law- Gentiles. Those who aren’t like you. Will you go to “those people” d. Weak- Will you commit to loving someone…


Campus As a Christian you are either a missionary or an imposter. Charles Spurgeon The church at Antioch was the result of many different PEOPLE with many different EXPERIENCES being used for one Kingdom PURPOSE Acts 11:10-26 Peter had a VISION to take the Gospel to EVERYONE Stephen was MARTYRED causing FOLLOWERS of Jesus to…