Sunday Worship Services
9:30 am
11:00 am
6:00 pm


Alison Fett-Greeter
Jevon Watts-Greeter
Charlene Leus-Greeter
Donna Wooten-Greeter
Gayle Moon-Greeter
Kimberly Tilley-Greeter
Lindsay Henderson-Greeter
Tim Trawick-Worship
AJ Spiridigliozzi-Bible Story
Abby Doran-Bible Story
Kylee French-Bible Story
Kylie Dallas-Bible Story
Katy Shouse-Retreat Room
Nancy Scribner-Retreat Room
Kim Owens-Retreat Room
Lauren Dear-Retreat Room

9:30 11:00
Ann Cantrell Chandler Watkins
Chandler Watkins Monica Reap
Jamie Lynn Gills Jamie Lynn Gills
Holly Corkran Kaye Kaye Dell
Becky Barnhardt Ann Leffert
Virginia Benton Lacie Thomas
Emily Hopp Ericka French
Jackson Terrell Brenda Herring
Julie James Jolynda Davis
Shelia Balentine Gena Bishop
Patty Calloway Charlene Leus
Charlene Leus Debbie Creswell
Trisha Moore Suzanne Webb
Sandy Wilcox Zanette Bell
  Dan West
  Margaret West


9:30 11:00
Ashley Nolen Ashley Nolen
Carolyn Baker Nato Silue
Dick Baker David Riner
  Sue Riner
  Laney Huber
  Ann Dallas
  Barry Dallas
  Gracie Fason
  Sunny Stephens


9:30 11:00
Nancy Penny Cecily Weaver
Heidi Klug Allie Lindsey
Mackenzie Smith Jennifer Lindsey
  Halle Lambert
  Rachel Barnhardt
  Stacy Taylor
  Jan Brown
  Hunny Stephens
  Mary Beth Ivie
  Spencer Hughes

9:30 11:00
Jolinda Bryant Alica Boyd
Anna Bremer Allison Weaver
Sydney Taylor Emma Elrod
Sarah Flickenger Amy Elrod
Rachael Gallimore Mallory Lefler
Whitney Dobbs Chance Lefler
  Zack Hill
  Melia Hill
  Andrew Crymes
  Kathryn Crymes
  Chris Graham
  Krissi Graham
  Scott Champlin
  Andrea Champlin


9:30 11:00
Bonnie Mattox Lauren Cope
Lanee Williams Abigail Robnett
Anna Bremer Allison Tilley
Deanna Tate Emily Tackett
  Andrew Tackett
  Katelyn Jones
  Rachel Wilson
  Ashley Williams
  Katie Winstead
Emmaleigh Flake


9:30 11:00
Da Jones Grace Crockett
Erin Jones Sydnay Waller
Nicole Lindsey Emily Cope
Autumn Jones Madison Fett
Annell Kilman Lindsey Jones
Shirley Lipsmeier Cameron Tilley
Caroline Crockett Erica Lawrence
  Emily Guthrie
  Lydia Morgan
Sesalie Satterwhite

9:30 11:00
Jennifer Merritt Megan Allen
Daniel Merritt Julie Clayton
Brooke Smith Avery Hart
Shelbbie Daugherty Sheryl Mulberry
  Kortini Gifford
Jamie Linderman
Kendall Linderman
  Claire Milam
  Angela Sewell
  Mattie Sewell

9:30 11:00
Coordinator Kylee French
Lori Welcher Cheryl Harbison
Laura Holder Lucas Reeder
Devona Jones
Samantha Carter
  Lucas Reeder
  Chad Rupert
  Rebecca Rupert

9:30 11:00
Coordinator Kylee French
Aimee Prince Jessica Hoppis
Bob Cantrell Matthew Hoppis
Chris Robinson  
Kim Robinson  

5:00 6:00
Lauren Zylks Jamie Lynn Gills
Trish Dane Heidi Klug

5:00 6:00
Jamie Lynn Gills
Dick Baker
Alison Fett
Carolyn Baker
Madison Fett  
Phil Tacker  
Susan Tacker  

5:00 6:00
Mallory Caldwell Jeannie Moore
Heidi Klug Tracy Moore
Danyelle Durocher
  Nick Durocher
  Chris Harrell
  Cayla Harrell
  Peggy Paxton
  James Paxton

5:00 6:00
Susan Burton Lindsey Sward
Kathryn Weaver Alix Synder
  Melinda Saxton
Anna Kate Saxton

Jamie Spellerberg
Niki Thompson
Rory Thompson
Clark Wooten

Jennifer Cook - tells the story
Tori Miller - leads the games
Jamie Dallas - Serves food & helps calm the children
JoAnne Wooldridge - Helps serve food and check-in
Eric Dombek
Stan Lockhart - D-group Leader
Sam Manion - D-group Leader
Katie Chenoweth - D-group Leader
Katlyn Weaver - D-group Leader
Spencer Redfern - D-group Leader
Celeste Suitt - D-group Leader
Jamie Fife - D-group Leader
Lucas Reeder - D-group Leader
Mike Argo - D-group Leader
Amy Fields - D-group Leader
Alek Fortner - D-group Leader

Melinda Saxton - Coordinator & D-Group Leader
John Saxton - D-Group Leader
Josh Zylks - D-Group Leader
Daniel Meador - D-Group Leader
Lindsey Walker - D-Group Leader
Mallory Caldwell - D-Group Leader
Holly Robbins - Serves Food
Stacy Hart - Helper
Jennifer Hull - Helper


Chandler Watkins - Babies
Emily Hopp - Babies
Jamie-Lynn Gills - Ones/Twos
Sarah Flickinger - Ones/Twos
Mary Beth Ivie - Ones/Twos
Tabitha Norvell - Threes/Pre - K
Laney Huber - Threes/Pre - K
Mary Ann Nash - Kindergarten
Elizabeth Englert - Kindergarten
Spencer Hughes - Substitute

Children's Sunday Morning Activities

Small Group Bible Study

Small group Bible study for children at 2BC begins at 9:30am, 11:00am or 5:00pm. Small Group Bible Study is the main avenue for leaders to connect with children and provide a Biblical foundation for the rest of their lives.

Bible Study begins with our infants from the first day they are placed in our care. We want our preschoolers to begin Kindergarten knowing these three simple, but powerful truths:

- God Made Me
- God Loves Me
- Jesus Wants to Be My Friend Forever

Younger preschool classroom assignments are based on each child's development from birth through age two. No two children are alike in their development, so we simply go with the flow for the first two years. At age three, assignment is based on the child's age on August 1.

Age-graded Bible study continues for our children in kindergarten through sixth grade. It is our hope that by the time a child begins the Student Ministry in seventh grade, they will not only have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, but they will have accepted these three truths:

- I Can Trust God No Matter What
- I Need to Make the Wise Choice
- I Should Treat Others the Way I Want to Be Treated

Bible Study doesn't end once the classroom hour is up. We feel that as children's leaders, we are called to equip each parent to play a powerful role in their child's faith development. Weekly e-mails provide tips and tools to help parents reinforce the lesson throughout the week.

Wednesday Evening Activities


Junior Quest - Wednesday from 6:00pm - 7:30pm, for kids ages 2 - Kindergarten

Children will hear a Bible story from The Gospel Project and play with friends and do some fun activities.

The Quest - Wednesdays from 6:00pm - 7:30pm, for kids in First through Fourth Grade

Children in Kindergarten thru fourth grade will experience four group segments:
1. Bible Quest. We will walk them through a three year, chronological study of the BIble. The Gospel Project is a Christ-centered Bible study resource that looks at the whole story—the story of redemption through Jesus—from Genesis to Revelation. Kids will experience the gospel and find out what it means to be a part of God’s gospel project.

2. Scripture Quest.  This is the time we look at a particular scripture and work on memorizing it and learning what it means. We will also make a craft from time to time that relates to what we are learning.

3. Worship Quest. Children will learn what it means to engage in worship with the community of faith. They will also be given chances to lead in worship as a choir. Worship Quest will introduce children to various elements of musical theory including rhythm, pitch and harmony.

4. Adventure Quest. This includes games, group activities, snack time, and a review of the evening.

Kid's Night Out

Your relationship with your spouse has a direct impact on the way you parent your children, and we want to help in every way we can. That's where Kid's Night Out comes to the rescue. Kids need un-programmed time to be kids and hang out with their friends. Parents need a break – even if it's just to have dinner and coffee. With that in mind, Kid's Night Out is offered a few times of year from 5:00 – 8:30 pm. Cost is minimal (just $6 per child with an $18.00 maximum per family) and includes dinner. A typical KNO involves game time, free play, crafts and other activities. Watch here for the next date and signup information!

2BC Preschool

2BC Preschool is a ministry of Second Baptist Church, Conway. Our mission is simple: To provide families of central Arkansas a safe, nurturing and Christ-centered environment where children learn, play and love.

Click Here to go to the 2BC Preschool page.


The safety of children on our campus is a high priority. All children must be signed in through our secure check-in procedure. When you first visit, an attendant will guide you through your first check-in. Returning families may check themselves in at one of four check-in kiosks. Controlled-access doors and our very own security team members are present as well to ensure the safety of each child.

Childcare Request Policy

The 2BC Children's ministry makes every attempt to provide childcare for ministry-related events and special meetings.

At least two weeks' notice is required, and our office will notify you if charges will be incurred.

Childcare Request Form
Childcare Request Form


Ministry Contact

Stephanie Crockett, Children's Minister
Ainslee Hoffpauir, Children's Ministry Assistant