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2017 Journal



Scripture Memory:

Colossians 1:5-6

5 because of the hope laid up for you in heaven. Of this you have heard before in the word of the truth, the gospel, 6 which has come to you, as indeed in the whole world it is bearing fruit and increasing—as it also does among you, since the day you heard it and understood the grace of God in truth,

Overview - FIRST PLACE

Jesus got a lot done but his life was never hurried. He had time for people and for conversations. In order to take The Great Commandment seriously, we must create space in our lives to build relationships with those who live near us. We live in tension between the urgent and the important. When our priorities are determined by the urgent, our lives won’t match up with our intentions. John Ortberg states, “Hurry is the great enemy of spiritual life in our day.”

He coins the phrase “Hurry Sickness” and he goes on to say, “Love and hurry are not fundamentally compatible. Love always takes time, and time is the one thing that hurried people don’t have.” Do you live at a pace that allows you to be available to those who live around you? How might God be challenging you this week to reprioritize your time in a way to make Jesus first place in your life?

Day One

Read Luke 10:38-42

What do you learn about God (Father, Son, Holy Spirit)? How is He described?

What do you learn about man? How do people act or respond in the passage?

In a sentence or two summarize what you have learned from this passage.

Where are you in the story? How does this story impact or challenge you? What is God asking you to do in obedience to His Word?

Write a prayer to God based on what He has taught you.


Day Two

Read Luke 10:38-42

~ Imagine that jesus came over to your house for dinner. Do you find yourself responding more like Mary or Martha? Why?

~ The biggest obstacle to taking the great commandment seriously is time. How is time an obstacle for you? What would it take to change the pace of your life in order to be more available to those who live around you?

~ What is one action step you and your family can take this week to make loving your neighbor a priority?


Day Three

Read  Luke 9:57-62

Jesus makes some radical demands on His followers. He requires that you devote everything that you are and have to Him or nothing at all. He is either Lord of all or He’s not Lord at all.


Day Four

Read Luke 12:22-34

Where is your treasure? What do you seek after? Our Father will provide everything we need, so we must seek after Him.


Day Five

Read Luke 14:25-35

What does it mean to count the cost to follow Jesus? Have you counted the cost? He gave His life for you, so will you give your life to Him?


Weekly Reflection

Reflect on this week's study:

  1. What is one passage or principle that stood out to you? Why?
  2. How did your time in the word this week challenge you?
  3. What is one step of obedience you want to carry with you from this point forward?




Much like our neighborhoods, most of us see our workplace as the arena we go to put in our time so that we can have the life we desire, so we can afford that next big item, or so we can put enough food on the table to make it to the next day. What if Jesus wants us to see our workplaces differently? What if you have been given the skills, talents, and knowledge that you have in order to have the opportunity to introduce your coworkers to Jesus? Some of us don’t enjoy the job we have, but even still God has placed you there for a season in order that His Kingdom be advanced. If we stop seeing our workplaces as means to the end of buying more stuff and start seeing it as a place that is filled with individuals who have souls, that Jesus desperately loves, real change can occur within the lives of our coworkers and in our own lives. Just like Jesus, let’s take the time this week to be in less of a hurry at our workplace and be more intentional in having conversations.


Pray today for your bosses and coworkers. Pray that Jesus uses you this week to have Gospel-filled conversations. Pray that your church members would begin to see the places they work as strategic locations where God can use them to advance the kingdom.